The first draft

What you’re browsing right now is the second version of my portfolio. The first version was made in a different mindset than the one of today. After a successful deadline for the development of the French Roundnet Federation website, I allowed myself the luxury of taking a little week of “vacation” to work on myself - or at least, on this portfolio. It’s done, and like any project, the curiosity and the desire for more and more made it hard for me to leave.

So here is this “Portfolio” project in the middle of a portfolio, hence this little meme in the introduction picture. I would say it had two major roles:

  • To reinforce my skills in React and NextJS, and to confirm my appetite for these two libraries.
  • To discover, in a suited environment and with time on my hands, Tailwind CSS.

As of today

The v1 portfolio was not meant to be updated very frequently, although I took care to develop my features and components in such a way that they are easily maintainable. Its data came from Supabase, with a minimal configuration that mostly served to discover a platform that intrigued me weeks before the conception of this portfolio. But maybe it felt a bit overkill for a portfolio, but this decision was made with employability in mind.

As my skills and taste in UX/UI design have evolved, I wanted to take the opportunity to redesign my portfolio. I wanted to make it more minimal in style as in performance, and to do so, I had to make a few choices.

I switch from React to Astro, a new framework that I discovered a few months ago and that feels more suited for static content (there’s not much dynamic content on a portfolio, right?). As my goald with any side project is to test something new everytime, I thought it was a good opportunity to try out server component flow and logic. Its compatibility with React was a major easing point. As it turns out, it’s a very interesting concept, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves in the future.

Less is more! No more green, hues and gradients. I really wanted to focus on content rather than design. Or should I say, bad design, as it often is with junior portfolio. When you try to do everything, you end up doing silly UI choices. Black, white, a few squares and that’s it. Inter as font: better safe than sorry. This one is here to stay! (see you in a year, v3.)