Top 3 du Mardi (Tuesday top 3)

T3 what?

Being up to date on web development, a new stack is persistently popping up among the various influencers that I follow. This stack is T3, a meta (meta) framework with a base that I now master well: NextJS and SQL. Moreover, after testing Supabase, I wanted to try PlanetScale, a distributed MySQL database, and TRPC, an API request framework that is perfect for NextJS and its embedded front/back.

Following a stack requires an idea. The name, T3, reminds me of a game that I play with my coworkers. Every Tuesday, the principle is simple but effective: it’s top 3. Anything and everything. Ice cream flavor, soccer club, horror movie, curtain colors. One would be surprised to see how much we can disagree on such varied topics. And then, we all have an opinion on everything. Let’s translate it into code!

Top 3 everyday

After a very quick first version planned for a colleague’s leaving party, the principle was shortened from Tuesday to a daily rhythm. The stack is particularly enjoyable to use, especially due to its typesafety principle. With its small scale and the contribution of TRPC, it’s quite easy to understand thanks to clear architecture principles and a willingness that perfectly matches the app’s needs (finally, there are not many API functions to do). The project now allows me not only to get my hands on a NextJS application, but also to multiply my speed in prototyping and developing this kind of small projects. Great news for me, but not so good for my weekends!

Returning to SQL for a personal project, which is more suitable for highly structured data, I used Prisma as an ORM and PlanetScale as a host for the database. The free tiers are still generous, and it’s always a good opportunity to tackle the deployment and performance testing of new small-scale services. Who knows when we will need it for a larger-scale project?